Labyrinth – [ˈlab(ə)rɪnθ]

Noun: a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way; a maze.

Our Expertise

Includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Strategy in aDigital World.

Your first and most important step! “To document how the organization’s strategic objectives will be achieved through specific marketing strategies and tactics, with the customer as the starting point. It is also linked to the plans of other departments within the organization.” – Philip Kotler

We will collaborate with you in order to define and develop your strategies, before implementation in digital supports.

Develop a digital marketing strategy.
Audit & Optimisation.
Web project & digital marketing support.
Digital Marketing automation.
Online advertisement.
Performance and optimisation metrics.
Communication strategy.
Create & design website (Web design).
Brand & identity development.
Graphic & publishing charter.
Content development and optimisation.

Social Media &Community Management.

Social media influence the way your customers perceive your company. That's why it is very important to develop and maintain an authentic experience.

– Assessment of your current situation
– Set up & implement social media campaigns according to strategy.
– Social media account: set up and manage.
– Provide engaging and relevant text, image and video content.
– Generate, edit, publish and share engaging content /week.
– Respond, moderate comments and customer queries in a timely manner.
– Monitor and report on feedback and online reviews.
– Performance report – between 2 and 4/year.

Web Marketing.

Find efficient ways to promote your business over the internet.

– Manage the organisation’s website.
– Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns.
– Design and execute email-based marketing campaigns.
– Online lead capture and lead management.
– Design and write newsletters (leads acquisition).
– Optimise content for the website and social networking channels such as  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
– Track the website traffic flow and provide internal reports.
– Promote the company’s product and services.
– Execute social media efforts to improve KPIs, likes, shares, tweets, etc.

Web Design.

A simple, yet beautifully designed website is the perfect window for your business.

– Purchase a domain name, hosting and create a fresh WordPress install at the targeted domain name.
– Select hosting provider (we highly recommend Infomaniak).
– Install WordPress on a given hosting account.
– Set up a domain-specific email account or email forward.
– Client to fill out a website specification document: objective, audience, site structure… etc.
– Analytics and SEO friendly.
– Update WordPress and all plugins.
– Responsive,
mobile-friendly website.
– Review existing functions and capabilities needs

How does it work?

Now you are wondering how this all works? Well, it’s very easy. We first meet for a coffee or tea. You will tell us about your digital project. We will listen and take notes. You will receive our offer in the coming days, according to your needs. And hopefully, we will start working together very soon after. MAKE YOUR MOVE!!

Whether you just need “training wheels” for a few hours, to get you started or you wish to completely delegate the marketing aspect of your job.

We have the right offer for you.

Fill out the form to request a quote or make an appointment to discuss your project.

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